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Katrina Ji is a highly acclaimed international touring dancer & choreographer specializing in Rajasthani Folk & Bollywood Fusion. Member of the International Dance Council CID - UNESCO. 4Culture Touring Arts Roster. She is the Artistic Director of Culture Shakti from Seattle, WA & based in Los Angeles, CA USA and Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

From 2019-2020, Katrina spent half the year in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan India, where she was the star dancer every night with live Manganiar musicians and Kalbeliya dancers at Desert Springs Resort in the Thar Desert. Katrina performed in the absence of her belated dear teacher and friend Queen Harish.

Katrina has been in awe of Kalbeliya dance since 1999. After seeing the documentary Latcho Drom, she toured and performed throughout the USA in 2014 with Suva Devi Kalbeliya, who is famous for her barrel turns in the film.

Prior to teaching and performing Rajasthani dance, Katrina was fully immersed in FCBD(R) Style Bellydance since 1999. This particular style of bellydance is rooted in the dances of the Romany trail. That's what inspired Katrina to dig deeper and learn more about Rajasthani dance. She is a certified FCBD(R) Style Bellydance Instructor since 2007.

Katrina is also a Certified Learn Bhangra Instructor. She was also selected for Dub City Bhangra, a competitive Bhangra team in Seattle but decided to start her own team instead.





  • Performed for India Club of Laguna Woods, CA

  • Performed for SASA Diwali 

  • Performed at Ektaa Diwali 

  • Performed for City of Irvine Global Village Festival 

  • Teaching Rajasthani Dance Classes through the City of Irvine, CA 

  • Mastered Bhawai Dance with Nishtha Agarwal 

  • Learned Rajasthani Wheel Dance from Nishtha Agarwal 


  • Provided Pandemic Relief for Folk Artists in Rajasthan 

  • Provided Food Packets for Artists in Jaisalmer & Jodhpur Rajasthan, India 

  • Studied Bhawai Dance with Nishtha Agarwal 

  • Hosted Kalbeliya Dancers for Online Zoom Classes (Senu, Khatu, Rekha)

  • Hosted Kaamad Dancers for Online Zoom Classes (Terah Taal & Chari Dance)

  • Funded 8 surgeries for Folk Artists in Rajasthan, India. 

  • Raised money to save Rekha Kalbeliya’s Village by assisting her to buy land as they were displaced by the government. 

  • Teaching in person Rajasthani Classes in Los Angeles, CA 




"I have worked with Katrina and taught her dance during my visit to Seattle. She is a very talented person, extremely dedicated and sincere at the same time. Such qualities are rare to see in a person and I feel proud to say that she is my student and a dear friend. So impressed I am with her amazing work that I have also written about her love for her art in many of my dance columns that I have in different newspapers, magazines as well as websites. I wish Katrina ji and her school all the best for the future. Keep dancing and keep spreading the light of dance. God bless you"
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