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Rajasthani Adventure Tour

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w/ Katrina Ji & Local Artists



Was $3,000

Save up to $500

Trip Year


14 Day Rajasthani Adventure Tour

Join Katrina Ji (Culture Shakti) & local artists on a one of a kind journey through Rajasthan! We will dance with the Kalbeliya Gypsies, learn music in one of the musicians villages, Desert Jeep Safari, Lake Tour in Udaipur, shop for amazing Indian textiles, hang out and eat home made food with the locals and a whole lot more.


14 days, 1 country and 3 cities


13 nights


  • Daily Breakfast

  • 1 Family Style lunch or dinner daily

  • One large bottle of water daily


Rajasthani Adventure Tour
Rajasthani Adventure Tour
You’ve always wanted to go to India…
Feb 11, 2024, 10:00 AM GMT+5:30 – Feb 24, 2024, 6:00 AM GMT+5:30
Rajasthan, India

Included in Trip:

  • Is a visa required to enter India?
    YES! An electronic visa is issued in 72 hours. (Apply a minimum of 4 days prior to travel.) We advise at least 3-4 months prior to departure date to apply for the 10 Year Visa to enter India. *Travelers joining from outside of the USA, please send a message for more details.
  • Are vaccinations required?
    NO. It’s a personal choice. Here are some resource's so you can make an informed decision.
  • What should I wear?
    - Please dress modestly in Rajasthan. Best to wear long skirts/pants and T-shirts or long sleeve. - NO TANK TOPS, SLEEVELESS TOPS OR SHORTS (Capris can get by if they cover the knee. - Wear good walking/hiking shoes or sandals. Footwear that you can rinse off at the end of the day as it’s quite dusty in the desert. - No need to bring swimwear. - Bring a sweater or hoodie for evenings as it cools down.
  • Will I have access to toilets?
    YES! You will have a proper toilet in your hotel room and we stop for toilet breaks as needed.
  • What is the temperature like in February?
    In February the average maximum daytime temperatures are high and range from 26°C (78°F) in Jaipur to 28°C (82°F) in Udaipur. Nighttime temperatures generally drop to 10°C (49°F) in Udaipur and 11°C (52°F) in Jaipur. February is a winter month in Rajasthan.
  • Which airport should I fly to?
    Indira Ghandi Airport, Delhi, India (DEL).
  • When should I arrive in Delhi?
    Arrive by 3am on the first day of the tour. (If tour starts on Feb 12, flight would arrive by 3am Feb 12) You will need to depart from your city 1-2 days in advance to account for the time change.
  • When should I depart Delhi?
    We will assist you according to your travel plans. The date you depart Delhi will be the same date you arrive in your country.
  • What's the Cancelation & Refund Policy?
    CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY Please read our cancellation policy: Before completing your registration we want to be sure you understand and agree to the REFUND POLICY: Deposits are non refundable. Cancellations 6 months before the event will receive 100% refund (Paypal & credit card Fees will be paid by applicant) Cancellations 3 months before the event will receive 50% refund (Paypal Fees & credit card fees will be paid by applicant) Any cancellations after this will receive no refund. All Paypal fees / bank transfer fees will be paid by applicant. *By completing your payment, you have agreed to our refund terms and conditions. These terms hold even in the case of personal accident or family emergency as we will have paid our 3rd parties. We reserve the right to make any changes to our programme in the case of teacher cancellation, low bookings, natural disasters or any other situation beyond our control. In this very unlikely case, alternative arrangements will be offered to the best of our ability but we do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred, including airfares.

Trip Itinerary 

Day 1-5

Welcome to Jaisalmer!

This is the hub where all the best Rajasthani Folk Musicians live. We will visit Kalakar (Artists) Colony, plus a traditional cow dung village and home to legendary Taga Ram Bheel. We will glamp in the Thar Desert where we will enjoy a jeep and/or camel safari. This beautiful “golden city" is where we will do photoshoots. You’ll have an opportunity to visit the legendary Queen Harish's Dance Academy. We will also visit the Fort, a haunted village and many other cultural sites. Plus we will visit the school where the young boys learn their musical skills from their elders. Video shoots at epic historical sites are available while here.


Included Experiences

  • Visit Haunted Village, Fort, & other Cultural Sites 

  • Jeep and/or Camel Safari

  • Dance Lesson at Queen Harish Dance Academy

  • Daily rooftop Yoga

  • Dance Classes

Add Ons

  • Dunes Photoshoot

  • Sunrise Jeep Safari

  • Music Lessons

  • Gadisar Lake Photoshoot

  • Kathputli (Puppet Show)

  • Massage

  • Western Buffet

  • Photoshoot

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