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Katrina Ji’s mesmerizing show includes a variety of Rajasthani Folk & Fusion acts to Folk, Bollywood & Pop Music. 
Bhawai Dance, balancing 7 pots on her head while dancing on swords, plates and more. 
Chari Dance, Balancing a Pot of Fire of her head while dancing with yogic poses.
Wheel dance, balancing bicycle wheels on her body while dancing.
Terah Taal, swinging Manjera while seated and balancing pots and with a sword in mouth.
Kalbeliya, snake charmers dance. 
Parda dance, dancing with Wings to the song Parda. Plus more.

Katrina Ji is a highly acclaimed international performing artist and Member of the International Dance Council CID - UNESCO. She specializes in Rajasthani Folk Fusion. She has appeared in multiple magazines and TV Broadcasts in both India & USA.

Katrina Ji’s next show is her best show!